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Above is a sample of the Gift Presentation Sheet if time is short ... and below is the finished Photo Art Quilt

If time is short ...

You should plan on 5 to 6 weeks to have your custom quilt made. But if you need the sooner than that, I can give you a gift presentation card showing your approved design for the person or family receiving the finished quilt. The  presentation will be printed on a 8.5in x 11in heavy weight photo paper showing the image of the finished quilt. 

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BCHS Eagle Quilt  1941-1950

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To order a custom Art Quilt of Nevada photo photo is easy:

Contact me 
To find out when I will be able to start your project since I make all my photo art quilts myself.
Email me:
lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com or by phone: 702.502.3641

Send your photos
You can email your digital photos to: artquiltsnevada@gmail.com  
Note: If you have physical photos contact me at the email address shown above.  

I create a custom design for your quilt 
Once I have your family photos and any other fabric information you might want me to know about, I will create a quilt design using your photos. Then I will email you the quilt design to you for your review and approval. There is no cost to you for creating a design of your quilt until you OK the project.  

You approval the quilt design and quilt assembly starts
When you approve of the layout, I will send you an invoice for your initial 50% of the cost of your quilt. I will then transfer the photos to fabric and assemble the quilt. 

Completed quilt is sent to you
When the quilt is assembled you’ll be notified that the your quilt is ready for your review. With your review and approval, the quilt will be completed. Upon your approval, the final 50% payment will be made. When the final payment received, the quilt will be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail with tracking (2-3days) and insurance.

Contact Lew @ Art Quilts nevada