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Frequently Asked Questions

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I create heirloom quality photo art quilts and wall hangings. Each quilt is custom designed, handmade and based on the photographs or images that you provide. I'll work with you to develop the look that you want then create a quilt which will be a truly unique way of sharing your memories.  

Quilts are made from 100% premium cotton and are machine quilted with an option for hand quilting.

The photo quilts are designed by me with your input  because of the images and photos that you provide. Secondly, my quilts have many more images than other quilts that found at other similar Internet sites and it's the customers photos themselves create the quilt top.


All of the my Mosaic Photo Quilts are custom, made to order and handmade here in the USA. So here some questions that you may have, along with the answers.

1. If your quilts or wall hangings are custom products what are your size limitations?

  • Since the quilts are custom made, there are no real size limitations, but  for reference purposes the smallest size  would be around 36" x 36" with up to 54(4x6) photos up to 102"x 92" with up to 468 (4x6) photos. However, since my products are all custom, you as my client would have the say in what size you want and the number of images you want to use.
  • For reference - here are some prices for Mosaic Photo Quilts by size and number of photos. The cost shown include everything but shipping which is determined by the quilts finished size and state sales tax if purchased from a Nevada address.
  • An example of the AQN Mosaic Photoquilt - shown below:

Size:                  of PHOTOS: (4in x 6in)           COST:
36in x 36in                  up to 54                             $112.00
36in x 42in                  up to 63                             $136.00
40in x 42in                  up to 70                             $151.00
40in x 48in                  up to 80                             $173.00
44in x 48in                  up to 88                             $190.00

48in x 66in (Lap)        up to 132                            $285.00

52in x 44in                  up to 99                             $206.00
52in x 48in                  up to 108                           $225.00
58in x 48in                  up to 120                           $251.00
58in x 52in                  up to 130                           $272.00

64in x 52in                  up to 143                           $300.00
64in x 56in                  up to 154                           $323.00

68in x 90in (Twin)       up to 255                           $551.00

70in x 56in                  up to 168                           $353.00
70in x 60in                  up to 180                           $378.00

84in x 108in (Full)       up to 378                           $816.00
92in x 108in  (Queen) up to 414                            $894.00
108in x 108in (King)   up to 486                         $1,050.00

I can create any size quilt, if you have an idea of what size quilt you want, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in. Email me at:  Cost factor is .09/sq. in.

An example of the AQN Mosaic Photoquilt w/Sashing - shown below:

Size:                  of PHOTOS: (4in x 6in)           COST:
38in x 35in                  up to 30                             $146.00
38in x 41in                  up to 35                             $171.00
38in x 47in                  up to 40                             $196.00
38in x 53in                  up to 45                             $222.00
38in x 59in                  up to 50                             $247.00

46in x 35in                  up to 36                             $177.00
46in x 41in                  up to 42                             $207.00
46in x 47in                  up to 48                             $238.00
46in x 53in                  up to 54                             $268.00
46in x 59in                  up to 60                             $299.00
46in x 65in                  up to 66                             $329.00

53in x 35in                  up to 42                             $204.00
53in x 41in                  up to 49                             $239.00
53in x 47in                  up to 56                             $274.00
53in x 53in                  up to 63                             $309.00
53in x 59in                  up to 70                             $344.00

I can create any size quilt, if you have an idea of what size quilt you want, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in. Email me at:  Cost factor is .11/sq. in.

 Note: The prices shown do not include commission and any additional fees if a Mosaic Photo Quilt or a Art Quilt of Nevada is                   purchased through a third party.

2. How do I know what my quilt will or wall hangings cost?

  • The cost for my quilts and wall hangings are based on the price ranges shown above. 
  • The only additional cost would be the shipping cost of USPS Priority Mail and insurance.
  • Please feel free to contact me to get a quote:

3. How do I place the order for my quilt or wall hangings?

  • I will first want to talk, text or email with you to get an idea of what you want in your design and get information about the photos and fabric colors and quilt size.
  • Once I have gotten some of that information, I will prepare a quote for you and if you agree, we will make arrangements for you to send your photos. With the photos, I will then prepare a layout for your review and approval.
  • With your approval and the 50% deposit made, I will have the photos printed to fabric, prepare the other quilt fabrics and gathering the materials for your quilt. 
  • The quilt top is then assembled and you'll be notified when that is completed. With your approval, the quilt will be completed. I will then ask you to review and approve the completed quilt.
  • When the final payment received, the quilt will be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail with tracking (2-3days) with insurance.

4. How long will my order take?

  • It will depend on the size of the quilt or wall hanging that you ordered. For example, Lap sized quilts around 50" x 70" size would be 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Mini, Baby and Crib quilts might take 4 to 5 weeks.
  • A large quilt or wall hangings like Twin or larger could take up to 6-8 weeks.
  • Of course the complexity of the design, will make a difference and they could be sooner, depending on how many orders are already in the queue and the times are for reference only.

5. Paying for an Quilt order

  • When you place the order, I accept partial payments of  50% at time of order and 50% at completion. Art Quilt of Nevada's policy is to allow refunds of the balance of used funds of your initial payment if the order is canceled.
  • If you place your order through, I must follow Custom Made payment policies.

6. How will I get my photographs to you  and returned to me?

  • Any physical photographs sent to me will be returned with your quilt (in the same condition as received).
  • All digital photos sent to me electronically, will be erased from my drives after your quilts have been delivered to you.

7. Sales Tax  (Nevada residents only)

  • Figuring out the (Clark County)Nevada  sales tax - Nevada residents will need to add 8.25% sales tax to the cost of the quilt. To find out what the the sales tax is, take the [price of quilt] times [the sales tax rate] which will give you the added tax. Here is an example: Your quilt order cost $409.00 x .0825 (Clark County, NV sales tax) = $33.75 sales tax amount. So the total purchase price on a order from Nevada would be ($409.00 + $33.75 = $442.75)

8. Additional Cost

  • The price that I quote you will be the complete cost of the quilt except for the cost of shipping w/ insurance and tracking
  • and for Nevada residents, sales tax.

9. What guarantee do I get with my purchase?

  • In order for you to be satisfied with your purchase I want to work with you in the making of the making of your purchase. How this works is as I go along I will send an email to you with an brief description and photo of  your quilt, wall hanging or photo book at various stage and ask for you to approve what you see so that when you receive your purchase you'll know what to expect when you receive it.
  • If  however you feel the need to cancel your purchase, I will refund your money that has not been accounted for in time used or in the purchase materials needed for your project.
  • ​If you place your order through, I must follow Custom Made payment policies.