Hello, Thank you for visiting my website. I'm Lew Fuller and I have been quilting for about 18 years. I believe that my quilts and wall hangings are some of the most unique photo memory quilts found on the internet, and because every quilt is made from your own photographs, every quilt and wall hanging is a unique work of art.

In 2001 quite by accident, I discovered the world of quilting. I don't think that I wouldn't have been interested in quilting but at the time I was trying to come up with a imaginative way to display photos. By chance, a co-worker who was avid quilter brought in some quilting magazines, during lunch I happen to pick up and looked through some of the magazines and while looking at the pictures of quilts, I started to envision photos in one the quilt patterns. 2 years later, in 2003, I completed my first quilt. The quilt is named "Moments In Time" and I won 1st Place and Best of Division in a quilt competition with it. In 2010, I developed a photo collage quilt that did not limit the number of photos that could be used in a quilt, that quilt is named “Moments In Time II” and I call the style the 'Mosaic Photo Quilt'. The quilts I create are designed and made by me, computer designed and sewn by hand.

All the quilts and wall hangings that I make are based on and made from photographs. I currently made two kinds of quilts, the Mosaic Photo Quilts, that are made from family photographs and the Art & Image Quilts which are made from single photos or images that are inspired by the landscapes, and interesting items and details that I see when I'm out and about.

I create unique and distinctive photo quilts and photo art quilts 'with feeling', and decorative fiber art that has meaning to those who see the quilts.

I hope you like what I have to show and follow me as I create my quilted fiber art.

Art Quilts of Nevada

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Roads to Missions

This the first quilt made at the start of my business. The quilt was made to celebrate a missionary family who where about to start their mission.

Lew Fuller

Family Tree

This is a 2007 photo of me hand quilting a photo quilt which I named

'Family Tree'

Moments In Time

This was my first quilt. It took 2 years to make and it has over 400 images on it.

Contact me to find out when I will be able to start your project since I make every quilt myself.

Send your photos
You can email your digital photos to: 

If you have physical photos contact me at the email address shown above. Any original photos sent to me will be returned to you with your finished quilt. If you want to send me photos, I will email you my address.

Creating the preliminary design 

Once I have the photos and any other fabric information you might want me to know about, I will create a quilt(s) design using your  photos. Then I will email you the quilt design to you for your review and approval. 

Approval the design and quilt assembly

When you approve of the layout, I will send you an invoice for your initial 50% of the cost of your quilt. I will then transfer the photos to fabric, prepare the other quilt fabrics and gather in the materials for your quilt. Assemble the quilt top then assemble and do the quilting. 

Shipping and delivery

When the quilt is assembled you'll be notified that the your quilt is ready for your review. With your review and approval, the quilt will be completed. Upon your approval, the final 50% payment will be made. When the final payment received, the quilt will be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail with tracking (2-3days) and insurance. 

Simple Ordering Process


The Teepee

This is my first True Image quilt. The quilt was made from a photo that was taken while visiting the Hualapai Tribe in Arizona.

Moments In Time II

This is my first "Mosaic Photo Quilt". This is a collage styled quilt in which I can mix various image sizes and design and the number of images are limited by the of the quilt itself.